USB Alarm

Product introduction :
This product is a new type whicth is focuseed on showing and putting valued things. it will make function when the line broken or short circuit. whatever the thief cuts down the line or combines the lead . it will send out loud voice to frighten him and warn the master , then the things can be protected. the thief has no other ways to mooch. it’s the idel choice to protect the cell phone, laptop computer . digital produtcts ,GPS,etc

Alarm nya di colok ke laptop.. Trus tombol switch nya di on kan..
Tes cabut alarm nya.. Alarmnya bunyi…

Rp 90.000,-

USB Sound Card
Rp 47.000,-


Rp 39.000,-


USB Vacum Cleaner
Rp 40.000,-


USB Travel Cable 6 in 1
Rp 44.000,-


Stiker Keyboard
Rp 37.000,-